Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Taste Testing: Cow & Gate's Chicken Pasta with Tomato and Pasta

I'm no supermum. Well, I am, but I can only be organised to an extent, so not every meal the girls have is cooked from scratch. When we are out and about, it's great to have something that requires little preparation when we get home. Recently, we tried Cow & Gate's Little Steamed Meals Chicken Pasta with Tomato and Mushroom.

The meal only takes thirty seconds in the microwave, so perfect if you have two hungry girls waiting to be fed. It comes in a handy plastic container that can easily be reused for freezing your own meals later. The portion size is generous and was enough for both of the twins. It's worth noting that if you wanted to use this as two meals, you would have to halve it before microwaving as obviously it can't be reheated. The sauce is mostly tomato-based, with small amounts of chicken and mushroom.
Amber's verdict:
Amber loves pasta and wolfed it down. She used the spoon herself hence why she's covered. Overall, I'd say she was a big fan.
Eden's verdict:
Eden doesn't have the same love of pasta that her sister does, but she happily ate this and enjoyed the meal.

Overall verdict:
Amount eaten: 90%
Effort: Easy
Mess factor: High 
Rating: 8/10

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