Thursday, 31 July 2014

Introducing... Kitchen A&E

In 2013, we went from being a couple to a family-of-four when we welcomed our twins into the world. No, above is not a family portrait. It's the cake I made for the girls 1st Birthday, using a recipe from Ella's kitchen baking cookbook. The decoration is based on the TV show, Small Potatoes. 

As a couple we loved cooking and one of the first things my husband purchased when I was pregnant was a weaning cookbook. The girls have inherited a love for food, and as I spend a fair amount of time working out what I'm going feed them, we've decided to blog about it. 

For the most part I'll be featuring good food in a hurry. It will include recipe/cookbook reviews, products we've tried, good places to eat out and guest blogs from my husband. It's something we enjoy, so hopefully you will as well.

All for now,

C,D,A & E x

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