Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Recipe Test: Ready, Steady, Go Scones

Recipe Review: Ready, Steady, Go Scones

The Big Baking Book is a bright, bold and fun for adults and children alike. It features a good selection of recipes and I've tried out a few of them. The other day I attempted the Ready, Steady, Go Scones:

I used frozen peppers so estimated the amount needed and may have added a little too much. They didn't rise as much as I thought they would so were a little on the flat side. 

The girls enjoyed trying them, but they were a bit on the crumbly side so they fell apart rather easily. I would do this recipe again, but would be tempted to add cheese. 

Overall verdict:

Amount eaten: 50-60%
Effort: Medium
Mess factor: Average 
Recipe Rating: 6/10
Cookbook Rating: 9/10

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