Sunday, 17 August 2014

Quick Risotto

I love making risotto for the girls and it's fairly easy to do whilst they are having their nap. I do enough so we can have some in the evening as well.

2 cups of rice (Risotto or basmati)
I litre of vegetable stock
Frozen veg of your choice (This time I used sweetcorn, mushroom and red onion)

Put the vegetable and rice in a wok or similar, add about 200mls of the stock and cook on a low heat. Gradually add the rest of the stock and stir regularly. It normally takes about thirty minutes and I can get the washing up done between stirs.I then grate cheese over the top for the girls.

For the adults, I added pancetta. The salt content is on the high side hence why the girls don't get this version, but an easy way to make a meal for the whole family in one pan.

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